My practice of medicine incorporates the following four foundations:

1) PERSONALIZATION – Time with a physician who really knows you – right down to your genes. Since one size does not fit all, genomic testing is essential to tailor the most effective care.

2) PARTICIPATION – Individuals must take back responsibility for their health and well-being. I’ll help with education, guidance, training, but the practice is all yours.

3) PREVENTION – Chronic disease management consumes our health resources. There is a science in preventing these... let’s use it.

4) INTEGRATION – Evidence-based complementary medical practices; Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic , Mindfulness Meditation etc. are intelligently combined with evidence-based conventional medicine to achieve healthy longevity.

It is my goal to develop and work in clinical environments in which patients are supported and nurtured by these founding principles.
Tim Cook